Top Cloud Engineers for Hire in January 2023

It’s here to stay for a long time and it’s something that you can’t ignore. If you are planning to stay in business in the coming years, you need to embrace the cloud. Software engineers in today’s cloud computing world have access to infrastructure like they never did before. In the old days, they would get whatever server was available to them and deal with it - good luck with getting a bigger server. They can leave instances running forever or not care about choosing a cost-effective EC2 instance type. All of this is great for agility, but it’s also scary for cost management.

Running a fast application in AWS starts with good architecture design and good software implementation - and then it’s delivered by choosing and configuring the right AWS components. If any of these steps is not designed for high performance, then your customers will be frustrated by a slow application. A good cloud engineer knows all these factors and has experience building high performing applications in the AWS cloud. He is also an expert in Java-based frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, etc. Each cloud-based security platform provides unique features and tools that protect data and applications. Organizations should choose the platform that best meets their needs and security requirements.

  • Christian is a software developer who has used Python to expertly create robust and powerful APIs to fit any business requirement.
  • However, the company’s data were open and public and did not require such high security.
  • Often, a big data developer is synonymous with a big data architect or a big data engineer.
  • At Acropolium, we have more than ten years of experience working with cloud computing service providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and Rackspace.
  • After making our selection, the engineer was online immediately and hit the ground running.

If you work with big data or in a digital-first business where downtime could be catastrophic, cloud-based solutions could help as they’re less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cloud Development –this means creating functions, applications or databases which run in the cloud. They also provide flexibility and resilience to businesses as well as a higher degree of security. Thanks to ScalaCode efforts, the web application has helped retain customers and grow new clients for the company. They respond promptly to inquiries, providing high-level customer service and support.


In other instances, they are making the switch from a similar area of interest and offer affordable cloud-based solutions to companies. Hiring an experienced and professional cloud architect is the best way to raise the bar of cloud solutions. When it comes to a price point, it boils down to the location, competence, market conditions, and experience.

hire cloud engineers

If their answer is creative, it shows they’ve dived deep into the field. You don’t want to end up with a sub-par candidate disguised as a qualified one. And considering cloud computing is a niche subject that employers usually aren’t very well-versed in, it will be hard to distinguish between great and mediocre candidates. Focus on your project and enjoy support from your dedicated account executive and expert talent matcher. All of our talent are seasoned experts who ramp up quickly, readily contribute as core team members, and work with you to minimize onboarding time. We make sure that each engagement between you and your Cloud engineer begins with a trial period of up to two weeks.

“Craft” your job description

AWS has great security mechanisms in place, but your team must know how to use them. Candidates should have solid knowledge and experience implementing AWS security best practices. They should be extremely familiar with Identity and Access Management features such as Roles, Users, Groups, Policies, Federated Access and Multi-Factor Authentication. They will be the first ones to be blocked, experience bugs and find their way around those problems. Your ideal candidate won’t get scared by any of that - they will actually get excited about it and will implement good production grade solutions using new products in the cloud. They hate big, monolithic, inflexible applications that don’t scale.

hire cloud engineers

If you leave these to the software developer themselves, the development of your product will go much slower. Cloud security and automation are two essential aspects of any cloud computing strategy. Automating security processes and procedures reduces the likelihood of human error and preserves data and applications. In addition, cloud-based security solutions allow organizations to take advantage of the latest advances in security technology without making significant investments in hardware or software. Each cloud security solution offers a unique set of features and benefits. While some provide intrusion detection with prevention capabilities, others offer policy management with compliance monitoring.

But there are several other factors that can impact the rate to hire a cloud developer. Still, the major responsibilities of a big data architect include coding, testing, designing, and tracking applications to help businesses achieve their goals. Currently, big data developers work in a wide range of fields, such as biotech, advertising, media, finance, and healthcare. Often, a big data developer is synonymous with a big data architect or a big data engineer. A big data architect is responsible for creating technical systems and tools that help businesses integrate data analytics into crucial organizational solutions.

In other words, they exercise good judgement and use new technologies with a clear purpose. The team consistently meets milestones and delivers components with few bugs, offering high levels of communication and transparency along the way. Their creative solutions and willingness to go the extra mile has made ScalaCode an effective partner.. In case, the developer you have hired fails to meet your expectations, you can raise your concern, and we will help you with quick resource replacement without any cost. We will share some more resumes, and you can choose the developer of your choice. Full Stack MEAN Stack ScalaCode has a team of MEAN Stack developers who are well-versed in Node.js, AngularJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.

Though they both work on cloud computing, the job descriptions of cloud engineers and cloud architects are different. Good knowledge about the functioning of major cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Having this knowledge will benefit the company as cloud engineers ensure the best service provider for them. The cloud market is growing in leaps and bounds every day and cloud engineers are in great demand.

Scale as Needed

This scenario leads to an increase in demand for cloud engineers. If you want your recruiting business to grow smoothly, you need to hire a good cloud engineer. In short, they plan out, design, manage and maintain your cloud services.

hire cloud engineers

Most firms use the cloud for both short-term and long-term data backup. In reality, there is a lot of appeal in the ability to spin up environments quickly, scale them up or down as needed, and access data from any location. For instance, don’t just ask technical questions taught in their courses, but also ask generic questions about the overall field of cloud computing to know their views on it.

SupportFinity's mission is to empower businesses with top global talents through its unmatchable technology and create equal hiring opportunities for people worldwide. Focus your spendings on R&D instead of worrying too much about equipment. Top cloud platforms provide amazing server solutions that will help you save money in the long run. Cloud platforms are the best solutions for startups planning to rapidly scale while keeping the top performance of their digital products. As more data accumulates, more companies now plan to invest in big data and hire the most talented big data developers.

Difference between Cloud Engineer And Cloud Architect

Christian is a software developer who has used Python to expertly create robust and powerful APIs to fit any business requirement. He has 6 years of experience, and has the knowledge required to improve, or create, any APIs you may need. Lately, his focus has been on using either Django or Flask to support his RESTful API development. Christian is also comfortable using Linux, Windows, or macOS environments for development purposes. Process integration and optimization are essential for business planning because they leverage information to achieve the best possible result. A quality integrated planning process identifies and evaluates each interaction in the production process to minimize the consumption of resources, both time and materials.

hire cloud engineers

They know systems must interact with each other through Application Program Interfaces and understand how to implement APIs effectively. They know APIs must be consistent within a system, they know how to use authentication and permissions effectively, they know how to make life easier for client applications that interact with APIs. They know they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to building APIs and know how to use existing tools and frameworks that make API development easier . Hire cloud engineers that go above and beyond to deliver excellence. Leverage our well-curated guide on the skills to look for, interview questions, and more.

Cloud developers are skilled in the design and implementation of cloud computing technologies. They can be employed by both startups and established firms since they play an important role in modernizing IT infrastructure and reducing costs while still improving performance. Afzaal is a senior software engineer with 5 years of backend development and cloud-native development experience. He had worked worked with leading IT enterprises and helped build web applications, ChatBots, Serverless solutions, and mobile applications. We are listed among the top-ranked service providers that help organizations in digital transformation.

LAMP Stack

Plus, it outlined when it’s better to outsource cloud engineering. Your company will need a cloud engineer to build personal cloud storage hosted in your data center or on hosting platforms such as Hetzner or OMV. Custom clouds are usually built using the OpenStack platform, which lies outside the skill set of most software developers. While hiring, you must work towards skills required by candidates applying for cloud engineer positions. As cloud engineers are responsible for software, design, architecture, and operational aspects, they should possess the following skills that will ease their job.

How to Hire a Cloud Engineer vs Cloud Consulting: 2023 Edition

Einar is a senior software developer who is an expert at designing and developing high traffic websites and web applications. Cloud Engineering is currently one of the top 10 best in-demand jobs in the hire cloud engineers tech industry. Project development in technology is unpredictable, particularly if you’re building an application that will run on AWS or you already have a growing number of systems running on AWS.

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority; hence we offer flexible engagement models to help them achieve their goals in minimal time. You can hire skilled software developers by choosing the best-suited engagement model for your projects. The offshore developer has a deep understanding of cloud engineering and can provide valuable insights to help your business succeed in the cloud era. He possesses strong object-oriented core programming skills with Java and Python being his main languages of choice. He has personally architected cloud-based solutions using AWS, with SaaS, Cloud, AWS CloudWatch, React, and Asana. Liam is a creative and passionate UX/Visual Designer with extensive experience with a history of multimedia design projects.

Your company will most likely need to choose one of these solutions and utilize it across your business. If you are unsure which platform is the best choice for you, we recommend you to contract a software consultant, or… hire cloud engineers and let them make the decision based on their experience. Be aware, however, that cloud engineers are most often specializing in one of the platforms and may be only partly familiar with the other ones. Cloud Engineer is an umbrella term as many businesses and individuals become more reliant on cloud-based storage and technologies. Therefore, in larger scale, more complex organisations, the position can be broken down into cloud architects, cloud software developers, cloud system engineers and cloud network engineers. As a scaling tech business, there are many roles that are in demand.

A Guide to Hiring Cybersecurity Experts

When it comes down to hiring a professional cloud developer, it’s all about experience. Having a sufficient amount of experience matters and it can ensure a high standard for the organization. The cloud engineer can thwart common doubts and lift the fog of confusion for years to come for the organization.

As long as a good software engineer is willing and can learn new technologies quickly, they will likely be effective when working with the cloud. For a period of time, you would only have to manage knowledge intake and the amount of responsibility when it comes to AWS tasks. Using the cloud and not automating processes is an unforgivable waste. Good cloud engineers understand this and get frustrated by manual or repetitive tasks and have the initiative to automate them. Every time they see human intervention, they identify and implement ways to eliminate it.

He has been a software developer with over 10 years of experience. He has the expertise of Bootstrap, Visual Studio, CMS as he has a deep understanding of them. He is also comfortable using AWS Cloud Engineer and AWS CloudWatch. Lately, he has obsessed with delivering intuitive and dynamic front-end interfaces. Monthly or annual forecasts often require more time to process and limit opportunities for corporations to be efficient. The more frequent weekly or daily forecast allows businesses to take advantage of a system that prioritizes efficiency and cuts back on delays that can impede operations.

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